Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Additions to my Clone Wars armies!

Got around to finishing a bunch more troops for my Clone Wars games, some I used at Rock-Con but most are fresh...
First, here's a squad of 10 Clone Troopers, most converted into new poses, and three Heavy Clone Troopers.

Next we have a squad of 10 Clone Scout Troopers. I used a couple Kashyyyk Clones and the rest were Original Trilogy Scout Troopers all painted up in cammo.

Here are 27 Clone Snow Troopers, with thier Arc Trooper leaders. I repainted a bunch of ESB Snow Troopers to look more like Clones, and used conversions to represent the Arc Troopers.

Three B.A.R.C. Speeders. I can't remeber where they came from, maybe an Action Fleet set. The riders used to be all brown colored but I replaced the heads and painted them up Clone white, then mounted them on bases.

Two I.S.P. Speeders from the WOTC line, I repainted the drivers and added more color and detail to the Speeders.

I knew I'd find use for this Void Tiger APC that would make me happy...I turned it into what I call an AT-TT (All Terrain Troop Transport). The gun on its back is from an AOTC Hasbro action figure.

Two Clone AT-ST's. The walkers are the old MPC model kits, then I added some plastics to them so they don't look exactly like Empire era Scout Walkers.

Now for some heavy firepower...two A5 Juggernauts a.k.a. Turbo Tanks that will carry troops into battle quickly! I got these a few years ago, I think they were one of the last toys made for the Action Fleet line. They open up to reveal a Kashyyyk playset, but I superglued all that jive shut. For painting I just used a Magic Wash mix and that's all they really needed to go from shiny toy to "used" military equipment. I lost the turret for one over the years, luckily I seem to have an eternal supply of those AOTC tripod guns. I didnt glue the front so it opens to simulate a platform for the troops to run down!

I didn't want the CIS to feel left out, so I converted some of these Techno Union Warriors and repainted them. I might use them as an elite squad or leaders for masses of Battle Droids.

One of the WOTC lines had these Bulk Loading Droids and they looked like they would fit in with the CIS...I repositioned some of the arms and I'll probably use them as upgraded Super Battle Droids.

Finally, I sliced up a couple of warped Homing Spider Droids and added the body to these resin Kryomek Grav Tanks, them glued a few of those Buck Rogers board game turrets to the side for added firepower...Bam! CIS Homing Tanks!

I've done three battles on Yavin 4 and one on Kashyyyk, so the next few battles will be on Rhen Var...I liked that part in the Clone Wars X Box game and the levels on Battlefront so once the terrain is ready the next few battles shall commence!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Acheson Creations Sci Fi Minis Painted

Here are the new Modern/Sci Fi figs available from Acheson Creations all painted up. I don't think they are on the site yet, but you can order them by giving him a call.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is cool as all-get-out!

We got the new Clone Wars Turbo Tank in last night, it looks way cool...I snapped a couple pics. It's got a price tag of I think I'm sticking with my two Action Fleet sized ones as A5 Juggernauts. Still wished I got one of those hundred dollar AT-TE's from a year or two ago....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lego Clone Walkers

I've never gotten into the Lego Star Wars stuff, mostly because I'd have to get another job or two to afford it, but I picked up a couple Clone Walkers for me and the kids to assemble, and we got through it with no fuss or thrown pieces! I thought these were pretty neat. Wonder how they would look with 28mm Clones....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Saw the GWAR & Lamb of God show last night in Milwaukee...wish my phone camera was a nice black eye from the pit too so you know it was a fun night!