Thursday, December 10, 2009

Combat Storm: World War Z

Played a solo game of my World War Z mod for Combat Storm (work in progress)....This first battle involves the Zombies coming across the border of the Dragon Republic, which encounters a Green Army force on patrol outside of Peaceville. After 5 turns, the soldiers had been overrun but managed to get head shots on 33 of the 50 Zombies which came in waves of 10 each turn. I posted some Zombie rules for this mod on the Combat Storm Yahoo Group and I got the figs from an eBay listing
They have Green, Blue, White and Clear Zombies in thier eBay store, and for 1.00 a pack of Army Men scale Zombies it's hard to beat!

Zombies emerge from the forest outside of Peaceville

The Green Army holds it's ground

Green Army in Close Combat with the Brain Eaters

Green Forces Overrun!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Start of Combat Storm:World War Z

I got these cool plastic figures from 2hockeyfans on ebay, they are about 2 inches tall and will fit in great with my plastic army men for a new campaign...Combat Storm World War Z! When I got them I based them on matte board squares I had cut up, then I added a little sand and some blood spots and bam! New Army! BRAINS!!!!