Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fantasy Legend is back...I'm looking for players!!

Hey gang (i.e. two or three people who actually look at this stuff) Black Knight Games is back and Bill Lorenz has resurected Fantasy Legend! I'm going to get in on the fall campaign, and I'm looking for folks around Kenosha Wi. who want to get some games in. I've got the rulebook, and if you don't have a fantasy army I have armies of Humans, Orcs, Undead and Dwarves painted up that you can do battle with. So send me an email or post a comment here on the ol blog. Check out Black Knight Games:

Fantasy Legend copyright Black Knight Games

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Combat Storm Industrial City Battle

Another battle between the Green and the Tan! The Tan advanced on the engineering section of an industrial city hoping to knock a hole in the Green Army's war effort. The Green army had some troops on patrol who responded to the Tan threat...sounds like a game of Combat Storm! As this was my friend Doug's first game of CS we used basic squads of Riflemen, and then added a MG and Anti-Armor. To make it more exciting, I added a soldier with a radio to each side to call for the Demolition Soldiers' mortar, and a Flame Thrower soldier who isn't in the rules, but I used special weapon soldier stats and a flame template for the weapon which acts like the other template weapons. We also had two extra 5 man squads of Riflemen that were reinforcements that could enter the battlefield at the beginning of a player's turn.
As the game progressed, it looked like the Doug Tan were dominating, and he was always making his reaction rolls so soldiers were jumping out of the mortar blasts. Everytime the Green used a special weapon, they got wiped out afterward. By turn three, the Green had brought out the reinforcements which were decimated quickly. The Tan were getting overconfident, and Doug never brought out his reinforcements, figuring he wouldnt need them.
After the loss of the Greens radioman, the Demolitions soldier threw a grenade on the Tan's last tank and then the last Green tank finished it off. While I ended up with one damaged tank and two soldiers, the Tan couldnt field thier reinforcements because the Riflemen wouldn't be able to take out the tank...technically the Green had won, but because I had two soldiers left and the Tan had 11, we called it a draw. The industrial city remains contested...

The battle is about to begin...


The Tan are slowly making thier advance

Total Tank Devestation!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Modern/Near Future Minis from Acheson Creations

Here are some pics of some new miniatures from Acheson Creations...There are two "West Hollywood" type robbers, a Thug with a hoodie and shotgun, a thug with a mohawk and two guns, and a gas masked trooper that I'm going to use as a Zombie disposal type. These were sculpted by Alix Elder and I picked up the greens and rights a few years ago, but didn't get a chance to do much with them. After a chat with Craig from Acheson Creations at Little Wars, I gave them to him to add to his miniature lines...soon he's going to do the rest of the near future human types, and then the WWII-ish looking goblins that I'll use for some Wierd War games...

TERMINATOR Army for Combat Storm

Another project finished: My TERMINATOR force that I'm going to use in Combat Storm! This army consists of a group of T-600's, some T-800's with converted weapons, four T-1's and a Hunter-Killer. I have a comparison pic below so I think they fit in with my plastic army men pretty well. The Terminators are way too big for 28mm, but the vehicles could do double duty in both scales. Along with Cobra, I'm going to work on the stats for these guys and play out a battle with a report to follow...

How I put together the army: I saw these action figure 2-packs at our two Family Dollars for $3 each, and these figures were smaller than the two sizes that were available at Wal-Mart and Target, so I picked a bunch up. Thier size is what gave me the idea to do this force with army men. I based them all and made weapons for them using guns and bits so two of them have heavy weapons and one has a flame thrower. I added the wire part so it looks like the weapons are powered by thier internal power plant...The HK I got on clearance at Target for 13.00 bucks, but here was the real find: When I was working at the old Wal-Mart, I was planning on buying two of the T-1s, they were 8.97 so I figured I'd wait till I had the extra cash. When I was setting up the new Supercenter I stopped in at the old Wal-Mart to see if my wall of Star Wars figs was still up (yeah! They let me make an endcap of nothing but Star Wars figs! When I was done it looked like 1980 all over again!) and remembered my T-1s...the Terminator figures had been knocked down to $3 (!) so I grabbed the last four...

The War against the Machines!

Scale reference with plastic army men

Terminators with weapon conversions

COBRA Army for Combat Storm

Ah Finished up some projects...Here is my army men COBRA force to be used in Combat Storm! It consists of a ton of troopers, some specials like snipers, machine gunners and anti-armor troops, a Sidewinder APC and two Viper Tanks. I'm going to be working on the stats to use these guys in Combat Storm this week, so hopefully a battle and report will follow...

How I made the army: I washed the plastic army men in warm detergent, and then after they dried, I used gray stuff to sculpt masks over thier nose and mouth (that gets tedious fast!!!). Then I used Krylon Fusion Blue as the base coat. Then I drybrushed them in a medium blue, painted the guns, boots, staps and masks black, the part of the face showing in flesh color, then to top it all off painted Cobra insignias on thier chests. I took a couple plastic tanks and added an extra gun to them that came from some Humvee toys, and the APC is a scratchbuilt model that I cast in resin and added a missile rack that also came with the Humvee toys. Then I brushed on the "dip" and when dried, matte coated them all.
So, do you think I should convert a few more figures to represent Cobra Commander, the Baroness and Destro? Maybe I'll do some in red for the Crimson Guard....

The COBRA Army in all its glory!!

Close up of the Sidewinder APC and COBRA Sniper

Close up of the Viper Tanks

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow! Haven't had the time to update the ol blog...well, the job I was working for the past five years was going downhill fast and there wasn't enough work to make a living anymore, so I had to find something else fast. Lucky me, Wal-Mart was hiring, and I landed a 3rd shift job. A lot of my toy purchases have been from Wal-Mart over the years and I knew thier toy department pretty well. I got to be part of a team setting up the Supercenter that was going to be opening and got my own department-toys! So if any of you wargamers see a toy online that we probably stock and want to know how compatible it would be with your miniatures for gaming, drop me a line, I'll take a tape measure and some minis to do a comparison!

I thought I would post some things that caught my eye in the aisles, I started feeling old when I opened the new box of Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars 25th ann. 2-packs!

I had to show this, Moon Knight was my favorite as a kid...its neat to see a figure for him...