Thursday, August 27, 2009

TERMINATOR Army for Combat Storm

Another project finished: My TERMINATOR force that I'm going to use in Combat Storm! This army consists of a group of T-600's, some T-800's with converted weapons, four T-1's and a Hunter-Killer. I have a comparison pic below so I think they fit in with my plastic army men pretty well. The Terminators are way too big for 28mm, but the vehicles could do double duty in both scales. Along with Cobra, I'm going to work on the stats for these guys and play out a battle with a report to follow...

How I put together the army: I saw these action figure 2-packs at our two Family Dollars for $3 each, and these figures were smaller than the two sizes that were available at Wal-Mart and Target, so I picked a bunch up. Thier size is what gave me the idea to do this force with army men. I based them all and made weapons for them using guns and bits so two of them have heavy weapons and one has a flame thrower. I added the wire part so it looks like the weapons are powered by thier internal power plant...The HK I got on clearance at Target for 13.00 bucks, but here was the real find: When I was working at the old Wal-Mart, I was planning on buying two of the T-1s, they were 8.97 so I figured I'd wait till I had the extra cash. When I was setting up the new Supercenter I stopped in at the old Wal-Mart to see if my wall of Star Wars figs was still up (yeah! They let me make an endcap of nothing but Star Wars figs! When I was done it looked like 1980 all over again!) and remembered my T-1s...the Terminator figures had been knocked down to $3 (!) so I grabbed the last four...

The War against the Machines!

Scale reference with plastic army men

Terminators with weapon conversions


  1. Yes, I too recently found those 3" Terminator Figures and hadn't decided what to do with them yet. I'm thinking some of the newer, 1/32 scale plastic modern figures from Target or Toys R Us may work well for the human resistance. What do you think? If you need any more figures, let me know?

    David G.

  2. Wow, I hadnt seen them at Target, I might have to take a look...they sold quickly at the Family Dollars. Those modern figs probably would fit in. I'll check them Walmart we dont have any of the realistic stuff.