Saturday, August 29, 2009

Combat Storm Industrial City Battle

Another battle between the Green and the Tan! The Tan advanced on the engineering section of an industrial city hoping to knock a hole in the Green Army's war effort. The Green army had some troops on patrol who responded to the Tan threat...sounds like a game of Combat Storm! As this was my friend Doug's first game of CS we used basic squads of Riflemen, and then added a MG and Anti-Armor. To make it more exciting, I added a soldier with a radio to each side to call for the Demolition Soldiers' mortar, and a Flame Thrower soldier who isn't in the rules, but I used special weapon soldier stats and a flame template for the weapon which acts like the other template weapons. We also had two extra 5 man squads of Riflemen that were reinforcements that could enter the battlefield at the beginning of a player's turn.
As the game progressed, it looked like the Doug Tan were dominating, and he was always making his reaction rolls so soldiers were jumping out of the mortar blasts. Everytime the Green used a special weapon, they got wiped out afterward. By turn three, the Green had brought out the reinforcements which were decimated quickly. The Tan were getting overconfident, and Doug never brought out his reinforcements, figuring he wouldnt need them.
After the loss of the Greens radioman, the Demolitions soldier threw a grenade on the Tan's last tank and then the last Green tank finished it off. While I ended up with one damaged tank and two soldiers, the Tan couldnt field thier reinforcements because the Riflemen wouldn't be able to take out the tank...technically the Green had won, but because I had two soldiers left and the Tan had 11, we called it a draw. The industrial city remains contested...

The battle is about to begin...


The Tan are slowly making thier advance

Total Tank Devestation!

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