Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow! Haven't had the time to update the ol blog...well, the job I was working for the past five years was going downhill fast and there wasn't enough work to make a living anymore, so I had to find something else fast. Lucky me, Wal-Mart was hiring, and I landed a 3rd shift job. A lot of my toy purchases have been from Wal-Mart over the years and I knew thier toy department pretty well. I got to be part of a team setting up the Supercenter that was going to be opening and got my own department-toys! So if any of you wargamers see a toy online that we probably stock and want to know how compatible it would be with your miniatures for gaming, drop me a line, I'll take a tape measure and some minis to do a comparison!

I thought I would post some things that caught my eye in the aisles, I started feeling old when I opened the new box of Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars 25th ann. 2-packs!

I had to show this, Moon Knight was my favorite as a kid...its neat to see a figure for him...

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