Thursday, August 27, 2009

COBRA Army for Combat Storm

Ah Finished up some projects...Here is my army men COBRA force to be used in Combat Storm! It consists of a ton of troopers, some specials like snipers, machine gunners and anti-armor troops, a Sidewinder APC and two Viper Tanks. I'm going to be working on the stats to use these guys in Combat Storm this week, so hopefully a battle and report will follow...

How I made the army: I washed the plastic army men in warm detergent, and then after they dried, I used gray stuff to sculpt masks over thier nose and mouth (that gets tedious fast!!!). Then I used Krylon Fusion Blue as the base coat. Then I drybrushed them in a medium blue, painted the guns, boots, staps and masks black, the part of the face showing in flesh color, then to top it all off painted Cobra insignias on thier chests. I took a couple plastic tanks and added an extra gun to them that came from some Humvee toys, and the APC is a scratchbuilt model that I cast in resin and added a missile rack that also came with the Humvee toys. Then I brushed on the "dip" and when dried, matte coated them all.
So, do you think I should convert a few more figures to represent Cobra Commander, the Baroness and Destro? Maybe I'll do some in red for the Crimson Guard....

The COBRA Army in all its glory!!

Close up of the Sidewinder APC and COBRA Sniper

Close up of the Viper Tanks

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  1. Thats awesome! I've been converting plastic army men my self, there's a few pics on my blog. I think they are a very overlooked gaming resource.