Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Modern/Near Future Minis from Acheson Creations

Here are some pics of some new miniatures from Acheson Creations...There are two "West Hollywood" type robbers, a Thug with a hoodie and shotgun, a thug with a mohawk and two guns, and a gas masked trooper that I'm going to use as a Zombie disposal type. These were sculpted by Alix Elder and I picked up the greens and rights a few years ago, but didn't get a chance to do much with them. After a chat with Craig from Acheson Creations at Little Wars, I gave them to him to add to his miniature lines...soon he's going to do the rest of the near future human types, and then the WWII-ish looking goblins that I'll use for some Wierd War games...

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