Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Wars 2010 Clone Wars Game

Pics of the Clone Wars game on Sunday using ToyMallet 40cents rules...at its height this game had 8 or more players, hard to tell it was pretty chaotic and since I spawned new troops every round we went almost ran through both armies completely!

Little Wars 2010 Combat Storm Game

Had Fun at Little Wars 2010, here are some pics from the Combat Storm game that I ran on Saturday...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cool Little Rover

Here is a robot I found at the Dollar Tree from that movie Planet 51 that three people went to see. I'm naming it 1Rover-1 after 7Zark-7's little buddy... I thought it would be a cool mine detonating drone for Combat Storm... little outa scale, but who cares when you're using plastic army men!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 6mm Human Armies

I thought these might be cool to show off, I did these forces sometime in 2006. Both are Terran Armies, made up of GW Epic Infantry, Rhinos and Landraiders, repainted MechWarrior Clix miniatures (planned as super heavy vehicles), Hover Vehicles from Fortress Figures, a couple GZG Hovercraft and VTOLS and stuff I cast from Colony Castings molds from resin. I might use some of these for my first games of Armor Grid:Mech Attack! because I'm lacking the time and motivation to cut out all the neat paper ones, plus these haven't seen action since they were painted....

Here is the Terran Defense Force, heavy on Mechs and Tanks.

Rows of Tanks cast from Colony Castings molds

The five lighter gray tanks are ones that I built and cast from molds I made

The Heavy Mechs and Tanks, repainted MechWarrior stuff

A group of Light Mechs

The Terrain Strike Force, Heavy on fast moving vehicles and Power Suits

Rows of Fortress Figures Tanks and Transports

Heavy Mechs and Tanks

Power Suits from repainted MechWarrior stuff

More Tanks and Transports

Police Vehicles for 28mm

I picked up this Maisto Power Racer at Walmart thinking that it would look good next to 28mm miniatures, here is a pic of one with Mega Minis' Swat Miniatures.

This one is from Jada, it comes in a collector's box with a window and was held in place with 2 screws. Heck with that, off with the screws! It's a Police Escalade, I think it makes a decent fit too.

Apache AH-64A Helicopter for 15mm

I thought this might look in scale for 15mm figures, it's an Apache AH-64A from th Maisto Tailwinds line of aircraft. The figures are Modern US Troops from Rebel Minis. It looks like one of the figures could fit in the cockpit, that's what gave me the idea of picking it up.