Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 6mm Human Armies

I thought these might be cool to show off, I did these forces sometime in 2006. Both are Terran Armies, made up of GW Epic Infantry, Rhinos and Landraiders, repainted MechWarrior Clix miniatures (planned as super heavy vehicles), Hover Vehicles from Fortress Figures, a couple GZG Hovercraft and VTOLS and stuff I cast from Colony Castings molds from resin. I might use some of these for my first games of Armor Grid:Mech Attack! because I'm lacking the time and motivation to cut out all the neat paper ones, plus these haven't seen action since they were painted....

Here is the Terran Defense Force, heavy on Mechs and Tanks.

Rows of Tanks cast from Colony Castings molds

The five lighter gray tanks are ones that I built and cast from molds I made

The Heavy Mechs and Tanks, repainted MechWarrior stuff

A group of Light Mechs

The Terrain Strike Force, Heavy on fast moving vehicles and Power Suits

Rows of Fortress Figures Tanks and Transports

Heavy Mechs and Tanks

Power Suits from repainted MechWarrior stuff

More Tanks and Transports

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