Sunday, February 8, 2009

Combat Storm at Little Wars after action

I ran a game of Combat Storm at Little Wars on Saturday, it was three hours of non stop shooting and tanks blowing up. Plus, it was the only game there where things actually moved on the tabletop. YEAH THAT"S RIGHT!!!! I've never been to a Historical Con, I mostly dig sci-fi but here is one thing I learned: now I see why Historical Miniatures players are so picky about the accuracy of the colors on thier figs...those minis are going to be on the table a looooooooong time....what does a turn take, 4 hours or somethin'? A table next to mine had a bunch of micro armor tanks fighting in the desert, and 4 hours later they were still on the far sides of the table, I guess all the tanks ran out of gas and ammo...just messin' around History guys!

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