Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Battlefield Evo Comparison Shots

For someone on the TMP...quick shots of BF:Evo figs next to some figs that may or not be compatible...I think some would match up better if the BF:Evo figs had bigger heads...

Evo trooper, Mega Minis civilian, Evo trooper, Tactical Minis Swat trooper (Armorcast has them now), Evo trooper, Mega Minis Swat trooper.

Below: Evo trooper, Assault Group US soldier, Evo trooper, Em-4 bio soldier, Evo trooper, Mega Minis Modern US soldier.

I thought the Mega Minis Swat would fit in, but the heads are kinda large. I think if you swapped the Evo guys' heads with larger ones they would fit in better...

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