Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toy Story Bucket O Soldiers

Got a Toy Story 3 Bucket O Soldiers...I must say, these guys are awesome! Most of them are similar to the classic Timmee/Processed Plastics soldiers, but with new crisp sculpts. The bucket contains 72 pieces that include 7 Sarge figs, 7 soldier standing with pisol/binocs, 7 kneeling riflemen, 7 riflemen laying down, 7 riflemen looking upwards, 7 riflemen at the ready, 7 mine sweepers, 7 bazooka men, 7 mortar soldiers, 7 stab with rifle soldiers and 2 paratroopers, both unique sculpts that I'd love to get as regular infanty. Well worth it, check out the pics!

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