Monday, April 27, 2009

Combat Storm CLONE WARS

Played the first game of my Clone Wars mod for the Combat Storm rules at Rockheads, it worked out pretty well. Nick commanded the Clones and I took the Battledroids. This was the first battle on Yavin 4, the plan is to have several battles on each planet featured in the Star Wars Battlefront video games. The Republic Army consisted of two 10 man Clone squads, 2 Arc Trooper anti-armor, 1 Clone Speeder and 3 AT-RTs. The CIS consisted of two 10 B1 droid sqauds, one 10 B2 droid squad, 1 Snail Tank and 2 Crab Droids. The game seemed unbalanced at first with the CIS loosing a lot of troops to Clone Heavy weapons, but in later rounds the CIS came back when the Snail tank started dishing out punishment, the Crab Droids were making saves and the B1 and B2 battledroids outnumbered the Clones in close combat. The Clones managed to squeak in a victory. For anyone into Combat Storm I put a PDF file of the Troops used in the game on the Yahoo Group. THE BAD NEWS: I totally forgot my camera at home so I got a couple pics with my cruddy phone camera...

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