Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blasted Planets Project

Blasted Planets project
I painted some of HistoriFig's Blasted Planets figures awhile ago, but I really wanted some vehicles to go with now they have some heavy support! They are going to get some ToyMallet 40 cents love real soon. My human troopers are getting some 33 cent robots painted up right now so they can join in the fun so hopefully I will be able to show those off real soon.

Pachydon Elephant Robo Walker of Big, Stompy Doom!
Converted from a green plastic Zoid knock off I found at the dollar store a few years back...I added a command gondola on it's back and repainted the fellow...all will succumb to the Pachydon MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The Gator Guys rock in thier Mashy Smashy Gator Tanks of Shooty Fun! These vehicles are from the Imex Robogear that series had some funky stuff!

The Pachydon begin thier conquest of the galaxy...

The Gator Guys are ready to fight but would rather just hang out in the swamps of Florindia.

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