Saturday, May 2, 2009

Combat Storm: Clone Wars Second Battle of Yavin 4

Ahh..Friday night at Rockheads...smells like a Clone Wars battle! Once again I took command of the CIS forces who were looking for revenge after losing last week's fight, Nick commanded the Clone army again confident in his force-dice powers...This weeks forces were similar to the last battle as I was tweaking the points for my Clone Wars mod of the Combat Storm rules. I think I've got the troop types in this battles' costs about right, now I can work on other troop types for future battles.

Republic forces and the CIS Army prepare to engage in combat through the once quiet forests of Yavin 4...

A squad of Clones and two Heavy Troopers advance in the ruins of Yavin 4 supported by AT-RT's...

Droid Tanks manage to take out a Flash Speeder that has been damaging thier armor.

CIS troops rush for cover under the punishment of the AT-RT and Speeders' bombardment

With the AT-RT's dishing out major punishment, the Droid Tanks rush to attack the Clone flank.

A squad of Clones rally to beat back the tide of Battledroids.

The Clones beat the B1's in close combat but the Crab Droid finishes off the Last Speeder and with the Clones unable to take it out, they retreat CIS Victory!

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  1. where are the rules for your starwars clone wars mod? please send them to me...