Saturday, May 2, 2009

Toymallet 40 Cents: Gators vs. Pachydon

After the Clone Wars fight newcomer Roy and I fought a Toymallet 40 Cents game using Blasted Planets minis made by Historifigs. I took command of the Pachydon which consisted of two squads and the Robo Elephant Walker of Big Stompy Doon (tm) and Roy used two squads of Gator Guys and 2 Gator Tanks. I made a rule mod of giving armor points to the vehicles so they wouldn't bite it with one hit. Both sides were given the missile launcher trait for thier uh, missile launchers...

Ah! The two sides meet in the swamps of Gatoraidia...Fearing a pre-emptive strike by the ravaging Gators, the Pachydon must strike now to prevent an invasion of Elephantitia!

Roy sends his Gator Guys and Gator Tanks forward to engage the biggest threat. This works in my favor because my Pachydon begin a crossfire and better position them...

Concentrating the Gator Tanks and a squad equipped with missile launcher troops, the Elephant Walker erupts in flames..WAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Knowing that there is a Gator tank with thier name on it, the Pachydon rush to find cover amongst the ruins.

The Pachydon take cover in some ruins and manage to wipe out the last Gator tank with a missile laucher! Pachydon Victory!

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