Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clone Wars Update...Droid Factory

The Droid Factories have been working overtime...not content with leaving pre-painted plastic well enough alone, it was upgrade time. I posted the ways of my madness with the pics below...

The Homing Spiders were a squishy mess, so I removed them from thier large bases (I had to do some cutting, they really glue these things well!) and then I replaced the long part of thier soft legs with chopsticks cut to size and repositioned thier joints so they aren't in their original "huddled" pose.

I chopped up some of the Rocket Droids and glued them back together so they looked a little more dynamic then their original standing pose. Then I attached some wire to their backs and tore some cotton balls to make a smoke effect for their jump packs. I used orange and black inks for the color.

Being soft, the Snipers guns were bent in all directions, so I added some wire and putty and a paint touchup so the barrels look more straight now.

Here is a fresh group of B1 Battledroids, I painted some minwax polyshades on them to make them look more realistic but they were still sticky a few days later. I gave them a coat of gloss sealer, and then a coat of dullcoat and now they aren't sticky.

Rather than just inkwash the silver B2's, I mixed some Ultramarine and some Boltgun Metal and made them metallic Blue. The B2's were silver at Geonosis but then went a blue color so I thought these would look cool.

Finally, here are some IG-88 Assasin droids. I liked the pose they had, so I just altered two of them to make them look a little less uniform.

May the Droids be with you!

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  1. please tell me where to buy the troopers and what some of the abbreviations mean on some of the clonewars posts!