Monday, June 1, 2009

Reaper Warlord Demo

Nick and I played our first Warlord game at Rockheads Friday night, Marie was running the game using the beta 2nd edition rules. I hadn't done Fantasy in years, and at first the table looked strange because there were no big vehicles and shooty guns....The good news: I like the game. The bad news: I like the game. Now I gots to gets crankinz on some Necropolis guys! Anyway the demo armies were Undead Pirates vs Crusaders, very nicely and expertly painted by the talented Marie. The rules were fast and close combat after you strike your opponent you might kill him but he isn't dead until the end of the turn so he get a defensive strike back. Once close combat happens, bodies will hit the floor. It took a little while for me to adjust, most of my fantasy games were hundreds of troops pushed forward with the ranks in the back there for moral support...In Warlord, every model counts and grunts become a real loss rather than "hey, it's just goblins, I got 50 more behind them..." The games we played had like 10 models a side and was as enjoyable as any mass game to me.
Marie is going to running more Warlord demos, so get to Rockheads if you're in the area and start stompin...

PS I forgot my camera so here is my one lame pic from my camera phone. These are Crusaders looking to trash some undead...

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