Sunday, June 7, 2009

CLone Wars: Third Battle of Yavin 4

We played a Third battle on Yavin 4 using my mod for Combat Storm. This game gave me some ideas for adjusting stats and points, as well as some future rules additions. We also used alternating unit activation rather than I-go-you-go. It seemed to work out just fine. This fight saw as small force of Clones comprised of two 10-man squads of standard Clones, two Anti Armor Clones, a Clone Sharpshooter and two Clone Grenediers. They were also given a large battle cannon with a blast-2 radius that could be fired once per turn. The Clones started behind cover and Nick really didn't move them too far from thier original positions. I commanded the Droid invasion army consisting of two units of 20 B1 Battledroids each, one unit of 20 B2 Battledroids, ten Rocket Droids, one Hailfire Droid and two Homing Spider Droids.
During the battle the droids did a lot of running or walking and the Clones only had range with the cannon and Sharpshooter until the Droids got closer. Having anit-armor shells, the Sharpshooter aided the cannon to take out the droid vehicles before they got close enough. The Homing Spiders were able to take out some clones, I made a rule where the Homing Spider beam works like a template weapon hitting one Clone, and then you roll a D6 to see how many additional targets you hit that are within 3 inches of the first. That way it does a "sweep" with it's beam, and targets still get a reaction roll.
What was left of the Rocket Droids jumped to a Clone position in the third turn but being weak in close combat were taken out. The Clone Grenediers left thier position to throw EMP grenades at the droids before getting killed. The Clones won the day by having 10+ guys left at the end of the fourth turn, when reinforcements arrived. Score: Clones-2, Droids-1...

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  1. please tell me where to buy the troopers and what some of the abbreviations mean on some of the clonewars posts!