Sunday, May 10, 2009

Have You Checked out Rockheads Lately?

I wasn't able to fight a game on Friday, so I thought I'd do a post about Rockheads here in Kenosha, WI. There has been some changes since Allen took over. All those old toys and clutter are gone, and the shop seems more focused on catering to the serious gamer or comic collector. Here are some pics I took one night, if you haven't stopped in for awhile come on by, and if you can make it in on a Friday night let me know so you can try out Combat Storm or get some action in my Clone Wars campaign. I often wrap the night up with a fun game of Toy Mallet too....

The middle of the store has a long row of tables to play on, here you see ToyMallet, Confrontation and Warhammer 40k games being played. There is also a large sellection of terrain handy so all you have to do is bring your army to the table.

Behind some people playing Magic (I know! I didn't realize folks still play that!) you can see a large selection of board games by Fantasy Flight and everyone in between, and racks with RPG modules and supplements.

Here is a wall dedicated to Warhammer, WH40K, Reaper Dark Heaven & Warlord, plus there is a great selection of minis from Future Wars, Anima Tactics, Impact Miniatures, Wargods of Aegyptus, etc. They also have tons of Games Workshop paints and inks, all the Reaper Master Series Triads you could want, plenty of brushes and tools, and a supply of ProCreate putty.

On the sides of a cabinet that features nicely painted miniatures and superhero statues are racks and stacks of new RPG releases, Confrontation, AT-43 and Warzone Pre-Paints, boxes and boosters of Star Wars Miniatures and Monsterpocalypse, LOTR box sets, all kinds of cool stuff.
OH YEAH!! I almost forgot....Near the back they have a whole bunch of racks of current and recent comic books from pretty much every publisher, plus a whole bunch of back issues. A comic guy is going to have to review all that, I'm not into comics anymore, my knowledge of Marvel history ends around the Acts of Vengeance crossovers back in 91 I think. So my warm fuzzy memories aren't tainted with all this dead one day, back next year stuff, Civil War stuff and all that...(but I thought the Marvel Zombies was cool as heck!)


  1. Hey! You forgot to mention the open mini painting events/demos on Wednesday nights!

    How could you not tell people that they can show up (either with their own minis or buy one off the wall) and use the entire range of Reaper Master Series paints? Complete with instruction, if so desired.