Friday, September 11, 2009

Combat Storm Terminator Game

Arrriight! Time to test the Terminators out in Combat Storm. I sat down and worked out some point values and stats for these bad boys and the results were pretty satisfying....Doug took command of the Soldiers and I controlled the Terminator force. Because of the high Terminator point costs (and smaller table we were using) I didnt use them all. The Terminator force consisted of 3 T-600's, 4 T-800's, and 2 T-1s. The humans consisted of 2 squads of 10 Riflemen, 1 squad of 10 Special Forces, 2 Anti-Armor Troops, 2 Support Infantry, 1 Sniper and 2 Tanks. Originally I was going to use 3 T-800's but we decided the Special Forces could parachute in at anytime during the Human movement phase so I added in the fourth T-800. So for all purposes, against the Termainators add 100 pts. to the Army if using the parachute rule.
The Battle went well, the Humans took advantage of cover and even got too lucky in hand to hand. I made a self-repair rule for the machines, so sometimes when it looked like a Terminator was weak he would recover a few wounds and look good as new in the next turn. In the end of the 5th turn it was almost evenly matched: The Humans had 13 soldiers left and the Terminators had 3, but we counted them as 10 with the wounds they still had left. If the game had gone any longer, the Humans would have probably won, being able to gang up in close combat and the way I roll dice (not so hot) they would have lucked out....
I posted the Stats for the Terminators on the CombatStorm Yahoo group if anyone is interested!

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